Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession

In Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession, you have been summoned to a lush vineyard by the maid of a wealthy family. When you arrive, the frightened girl hands you a mysterious diary that reveals the murders of three women – but who is the murderer? Signs point to a member of the Conti family, yet Signor Conti and his sons are away… As you delve deeper into your investigation, you realize that all is not as it seems on this rural Italian estate. Can you uncover the truth before you become the next page in the killer’s diary?

Repair the knives by matching the blades to the handles as shown in the image on the lid. Go to the back of the garage. Take the lira 20 and another page. A highly well developed game, with many many things to do. The story line was good. Zoom in on the bags on the right. Put the battery in the space above the other battery on the right. Zoom in on the grate blocking the stairs on the left. Please look at the screenshot for the solution C. On the phone, remove the two screws to go into a mini game. You have found all the clues to find the murderer. Back out to the hallway Zoom in on the fish tank. You will need to collect them all to complete the game. Click on the watch to get a clue about what you have to do next. Go to the left.

Jackpot Magic Slots Games. HOS usually contain two fans each. Click on the red button in the center to rotate the hubcap. Put the mold on the burner. Return to the fireplace. Look into the hole; put the magnet in the hole to take the screwdriver Zoom in on the roof and place the TILE to trigger a puzzle. Open the large drawer for a HOS. Please look at the screenshot for the solution and press on the tiles in this order: Red, Yellow, Green, White, and Blue. As they are half slides, there are two of each number. Although I thought the graphics were good, resolution was off at times and cutscenes did tend to get blurry at times, nevertheless, I loved the artwork, sound effects and great voice-overs that brought life to our characters. Sinister Obsession is packed with the usual plot twists, cheesy revelations, and, uh, plucky canine companions, and high production values wrap everything up in one pretty package. Pull the slide out of the top of the projector.

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Clues didn't really lead to anything. Pick up the stick Jewel Adventures light it in the fire. Play the first interactive HOS. Head into the generator room. Pick up the oranges and the ladle. The story line was interesting, the mystery was ok. Change the diagonal line to match the solution given. Then move that same barrier to the left 2 times, to drop the green ball. Behind the snake are more steps. If you put the ladder Ziro the barrel by the Sinisher, there will be a new HOS by the gate. To solve the puzzle, press on the bolts in this order: A x 2, B, C, and D x 5. Move the hairdryer over the bag until the whole bag is defrosted. Puzzles Throughout the game, you will have opportunities to play mini games to receive vital pieces or just coins.

Click to activate the juicer. It has a date on it. Zoom in on the door in the back and click until the owl comes out. Pull the zipper and take the chain M. Pick up the hammer and the jar. Remove the screws around the plate with the screwdriver and take the key Zoom in on the large drum and put the dial on it. A hand icon indicates objects you can pick up. Zoom in on the mouse hole. Put her bustier on her torso and her two gloves on her hands. Go into the villa. Look at the code K. Again, there are items in the drawers and behind the curtain.

Zoom into the gong and use the hammer on it N. For the rest of us, however, who want a case packed with high camp and drama to solve along with some seriously lovely designs, will want to take a trip to Italy with it and at least try the demo on Facde: size. Use the jar to collect the termites O. Zoom in on the medicine cabinet. Altogether this is a Battle Slots buy game. Go back to the staircase. Go towards the back door. The main thing is not to leave the two watermelons on the right behind but to remove the top one with one of the melons on the left. Remove the clamps on the picture with the crowbar and take Obsessino magnifying glass 6. Loved it. You Braveland Pirate change back and forth with Life Quest 2 difficulty throughout the game. There are two different types: The first type Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession a more standard HOS in which you need to find several usually 12 Shaman Odyssey - Tropic Adventure the same item. You have unlocked the extras section of the main menu. Walk down and go left.

This dries the paint on the mask. Otherwise: avoid. With this level, you will be able to access your hint and skip bars faster. Put the cheese down to calm the rat. But for the great majority of players this will be an excellent experience. Inspect the car engine. Rotate the box using the arrows on the sides to move the four colored balls to the corners of the box with matching colors. Close in the green ball with barrier outlined in green. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Rebr from Outstanding!!! Go back to Villa Conti. Go back into the bedroom and access the chemistry set on the table. Zoom in on the grate blocking the stairs on the left. Zoom in on the manhole cover in the floor for a mini game.


Grim Facade 2: Sinister Obsession Walkthrough (Full Game)

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  1. Use the crowbar on the brackets holding the painting in the top left in place. To remove a plate from a panel, just click on it. Go in.

  2. Walk down thrice and go left. Lift the outside latch with the CANE. Take the steps on the left. Unlock the car through the hole and go in.

  3. Put the hexagonal bolts into the octagonal slots. Once you land on an object, your arrow will turn into a hand icon. Move the octagonal bolts to the octagonal slots by clicking on a bolt to rotate the six bolts around it. Exit the bench and go forward. This will lead you to another puzzle.

  4. Nobody's saying murder isn't bad, but come on Click on the hose again and aim it at the broken stones beside the gate until the wall falls apart. The feather and hat are inside the Jack-in-the-box. Go into the tomb Zoom in on the painting. If you make a mistake you can select the Reset button to start over.

  5. Some objects in a few of the hidden object scenes were a little difficult to find, but overall a really good game with a good storyline. Walk down 3 times. Play the HOS inside the shed.

  6. This will show you areas you need to concentrate on. You can reset in the top left if you need to. Click to open.

  7. Go back to your friend the dachshund in the tower. Dip the brush in one of the colors and then put it on the mask. It has a date on it.

  8. Fun mini games. Altogether this is a must buy game. Take the number from the cylinder and put it in the projector slide. I didn't find the correct lid until later.

  9. Zoom in on the large drum and put the dial on it. Zoom into the crate; open it and take the cheese 5. Inspect the lock G ; put the PIN on it and enter the garage. Inspect the desk and open the book.

  10. Go back to the crossroads. Click A, A, A, B. Masks will lock in place once they are in the right spot. Zoom in on the broken mill. You need to shoot it into the red hole at the top.

  11. Turn the valve on Q ; aim the hose at the gate and then go through it. Inspect the table. Move the barrier outlined in green to lock the red ball in position.

  12. Please look at the screenshot for the solution W. Back out to the hall. Open the top drawer; take the clipper U. The Vineyard First ignore this map and go through to the shed in the back. Walk down three times and go left.

  13. Zoom in on the tire on the back of the car. Make sure you open all of the drawers and look behind the curtains. Click the knob to light the burner. Put the hot pliers in the bucket of water.

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