Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of the Full Moon

Called into a small city from the capitol, you have been put in charge of solving a string of mysterious murders! Around the same time as the murders, a wolf has been appearing around town and spooking the townsfolk. With rumors of a werewolf swirling, it's up to you to get to the bottom of the mystery and set the record straight in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of the Full Moon!

Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of the Full Moon

Click the table on the left. Totally recommend this game. Head right H. Use the spade click twice and then take the chest. Click on the cabinet to move it V. Place the small dial on 24 and the large dial on 48 X. Zoom into the plaque on the right side of the wall J. Play the search scene. You explore a small town in Europe and the surrounding countryside as you find clues to help you solve the mystery. Rotate the wheels until the gems facing Dolphin Dice Slots other match as shown in the screenshot. Click the ground in front of the door. Play until only one card remains and Marlen tells your fortune. Click and drag the red and The Story of Gimli marbles that have openings to accommodate the pins already placed i.

Click the pot 1 and nest 2 to expose all the objects. Click on the shield H on the right to make it fall. Move the left, center, and right rings around until the image resembles the one in the sketch in the upper left. Well, play the game and find out already! I played regular mode and just relaxed and had loads of fun with it. Click on the trapdoor on the floor. Enter the door on the right. Your purpose to resolve the big mistery in the town and avoid further killings. Click on the top of the rope ladder. Go up the rope ladder 3. Talk to Gerard. The graphics are very good, but not the best I've seen. The plot line was sophisticated enough to keep me intrigued yet was not so involved that I couldn't relax Go forward and head left.

Pour the oil on the floor and push the table Dolphin Dice Slots of the way. Click on the vines on the left, against the wall. Take the lens. Click on the body to have the journal take note of the markings of the hand. Click the upper window to add a journal entry. Go into the right door and talk to the little girl. Go forward. Go back in the house. Play the search scene on Fuol right. Examine the bars by the window; put the Solitaire Kingdom Quest on the bars 6. Use the tranquilizer on the wolf 1then use the saw on the bars 2. Click down twice. Click on the upper right corner 1.

Admire the graphics! Exit the Bedroom. Open the drawer and click on the marbles. Click on the painting. Use the bucket of sand to put out the fire, then take the nail. Click the suit of armour to start a hidden object hunt. Go through the gate and up the right steps. Put the bird in the cage. Click on the ladder to move it to the right J. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by grunny50 from Wonderfully Scary Game! That means only three months left in my apartment with Anne and those guys. I will not admit that I didn't notice that until I was nearly finished… face palm. Add the rail to complete it 1.

The screenshot shows the solution; first follow the yellow arrows, then the green, then white, then red. Zoom into the microscope on the desk. Click the bookshelf to start a hidden object hunt. He will take you back to the Hotel M. Examine the globe next to the ladder G. Then count the marbles between each colour one marble between the red and green, four marbles between red and blue and position them as such on the circular track. Play the Hidden Object Scene on the right. Zoom into the crate S. Once inside the house, go into the room on the right. Mini-puzzle: Rotate the smaller discs so each covers a shape on the larger disc. Change the numbers to to unlock the drawer. It was worth the price. Click on the cage to start a hidden object hunt. Put the lamp in the hole in the tree. Use the lock pick.

Click the shack to start a hidden object hunt. Turn two cards face up. Go south three scenes, then north twice, then take the path to the cave. Click the bellows 5 to fan the flames. Madlen gives you a key. Note the window on the right Z. Exit the desk and examine the cabinet on the left. Once complete, take the key. When you are finished, a screwdriver is added to your inventory. Enter the cave. Zoom into the cart on the right. Change the numbers to to unlock the drawer. Click the drawer 1 to expose all the objects. Click the central area to start a hidden object hunt.

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  1. Click on the right stable door and click on the chest. Go south seven scenes, then east and enter the prefect. Click on the door on the right.

  2. Leave north and take the left path again. Zoom into the left table; note the clock sketch 1. Add the two puzzle pieces. Once completed, take the circus ticket.

  3. I have been a little spoiled with having maps and quick access to locations in the newer games which I love and this games does not have but the many HO's and inventory items to use and the story itself made this game well worth it. Click the window left. Click the painting 1 and salt bowl 2 to expose all the objects. Then you can use the tracks on the inside ring to hold the balls you want to position into the last slots. This is how you line up the bottom spot.

  4. More Shadow Wolf Mysteries Articles. Zoom into the barrel on the left. Click the glass display 2.

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