Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches

Jump into this Adventure game and explore a haunted farmstead in Wales called Ty Pryderi! Chris has been asked to house-sit, and is while the Sullivan's take their daughter Rhiannon away for a break. Rhiannon has been severely psychologically affected by strange supernatural happenings at Ty Pryderi, however, her parents think it is just teenage angst. Discover dark secrets in Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches!

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Look at a bread tin and measuring jug before zooming out again. This door is also locked. However, every spell or curse must have a means to its undoing. To the left is a battered old car. Go left, forward and right and enter the room. Cjrse that this is one of the items listed on the symbolic objects paper you found. Look closely at each object sword, cradle Brznches, claw, crown and rocking horse by right-clicking them from the inventory. Use the Battle Slots around to face the oven. As Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches enter each group of three correctly you will need to click the button to add the word to the area at the bottom of the screen. She also states that she has started another diary to record the haunting but she has hidden it somewhere. Return to the stairs and use the torch on the stairs. Another fork in the path will take you, left, Touch Down Football Solitaire to the pond area or, right, to the back of the house. Transforming objects by consumption Return to the standing stone. Take one step forward and see another twig lying on the ground on your right. Read the builders estimate.

Use the turn around to face the oven. The slate seems to be broken — maybe it is a part of something larger and there are other pieces scattered about that make up the rest of the slate. Here your path forks. Malcolm has been awarded this plague in recognition of his speech at a conference. Note that the person she met at night classes and went out with is the same person who wrote the Mabinogion paper you found. Make your way back down the path and return to the yard. Take one step forward and see another twig lying on the ground on your right. It was a couple of years after the time Rhiannon Wallace wrote her diary. Zoom in on the fire and open the door. Return down the woodland path, and notice another twig on your right. The first of these — his birth and childhood — is related to the earth element, maybe there is a link between this and the fact that we are in the earth chapter. At the far end of this building there are some steps which can be climbed to a door at the top. Exit the room and go into the room on the right.

Click on the magnifying cursor to look at the shelves above you to the right. There is an apple twig on the ground to your Brancyes which cannot be taken yet and a stone sticking out of the ground on the right. There is a cog there so something ghe need to be put in the freezer later perhaps. Read the report from the tree surgeons employed to look over Rhainnon: state of the trees at Ty Pryderi. You may already have seen symbolic instances of some of these objects. Read about the Welsh legend of the Mabinogion which involves a man named Pryderi. You can zoom in on the microscope and look down the viewer but there is nothing to see. Leave the living room by the door next to the answering Curee to enter the dining room. Turn right, forward and right again to see another open gate. Another fork in the path will take you, left, back to the pond area or, right, to the back Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches the house. Click Zumas Revenge hand cursor for the stone to move back to reveal a wooden crown. The Drugstore Mania must have belonged to the Rhiannon mentioned in the email that Jon received from the lady who used to belong to the commune. Return to the fireplace in the living room. See something poking out of the water with a cog cursor. Rhinnon: not, do so now so that the brush cutter will become available.

These screens can be accessed from the lower menu at any time throughout the game. There is a cardboard box on the floor that will move but has to be replaced before you can turn back to the door and exit. Open it and then return to the cloakroom and turn left to enter the toilet. The first 6 notes of the Ash Grove. Turn left to find a cog cursor on the wall. This program has to be used to continue this part of the game. Take the study key. Pick up the lighter and look at the music on the left — the Ash Grove — the same as on the stereo player. Continue to turn the pages until you reach the end of the book. As you approach the building facing you, turn left to see a small jetty over the pond. They refer to a plan and various areas containing certain trees — this will be the rough map you found on the pin board. Exit the pantry and turn right. You can zoom in on the microscope and look down the viewer but there is nothing to see. Try pulling the starter handle.

Turn right and pick up a small rock from the ground. Return to the wall indicated by the first flashing star the wall in the yard with the Roman numeral III. The slate wall puzzle Use your paint scraper to scrape off all the moss on the walls. As you press the final word, the slate will reveal the words in the correct order as follows:Your life symbols scattered through place and time The means to redemption of your spirit Restored to fullness by consumption Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Zoom in on the oven door which will open to show a cog. You can pick up and put down a rack of blue bottles on the shelf and a tray of microscope slides on the desk. Pick up a tin of caviar from the window sill — it is not yet available. You will be taken through the door so turn around and go back through the door to return to the kitchen. Once the game has begun, you will be able to save your game in one of the hundred save slots. Turn right and zoom in on the window sill. As you arrive back by the house, look beyond the pond to see a double blue gate. Remember the advertising flyer inside the newspaper on the floor by the front door. If you explored outside, you will have found some logs in the wood barn — maybe those logs are now available. Jon has found a newspaper report about a girl being found in the woods near Ty Pryderi. Jon is very concerned about the things that are happening to Rhiannon and is trying to help as best he can.

Pick up and put down a bottle of homeopathy tablets — Strontium. Either take the rubbing of the standing stone or try entering the code on the padlock on the workshop. There is also an advertisement about a local craft workshop. Try it in the fire but something else is needed first. There is a red oil can and a larger measuring jug. Try the door on the right — it is locked. Click on the drinks can under the bed. Turn left and click on the letter on top of the book case. Return there and find that you can now push the smaller stone back to reveal another piece of slate with similar markings. The developer then converted itself into a publisher and began selling the English game directly. When you have finished with the jug, right-click it to return it to the inventory and replace the cap on the brush cutter by clicking on the top of the tank. There is a bowl which cannot yet be taken. Go through the door in front of you.

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  1. Rhiannon has been so troubled by the ghostly noises that only she can hear, that she has been in touch with an historical expert to try and find out why she may be being subjected to the hauntings. Close the drawer and zoom out. Zoom out and zoom in on the area with the large petrol and oil cannisters. Go through the door ahead of you. Close the cupboard doors and turn right to enter the door in front of you.

  2. Nothing happens. The standing stone There is a large standing stone here with strange markings etched into the stone. The screen goes black as you pass out.

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