Maestro: Notes of Life

Stop the young prodigy and save everyone from his evil plans in Maestro: Notes of Life! A missing girl has been lured away by evil music and now its up to you to save her in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Find the source of the music by scouring beautiful locations and put an end to the deadly tune. Solve tricky puzzles to become a hero and complete your journey in Maestro: Notes of Life!

Pour the contents of the flask on the bowl to put out the fire. Move down and take the path on the right. In the following order, click the: drummer, violinist, violinist, pianist, trumpeter, drummer, pianist, trumpeter, cellist, pianist and cellist. The ones that do require backtracking do not make you travel through all of the areas--just a few. Take the flask and click on the diagram to add it to your journal. Give the apple to the squirrel to uncover the ribbon. Click on the chest. Move down and take the stairs on the left. A screwdriver is added to your inventory. Click on the far door. Use the chisel on the barrel to get the grapes. Go up the stairs. Find all the objects. A flint and steel is added to your inventory. Open the letter to find the wax seal R.


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Return to the sewing room move down five scenes. Give it a try. Walk forward to the cemetery. Add the vinyl record, then turn the handle. Move down, then take the right path, then the right path again. Click on the burning stairs. Add the two ripped music sheet pieces to the music sheet on the sitar. Reassemble the beaded necklace to get the beads. Thread is added to your inventory. Take the notes. A valve is added to your inventory. Click on the three locks to remove them. Open your journal and take note of the order of the flower colours.

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Note the keys Maestroo: have five areas. Keep the cursor in the centre of the screen and click once to throw a worm. Return to the balcony. As there is no reset button, a step-by-step solution is Roogoo possible. When the duck Notse close to you, take the Maestro: Notes of Life from around its neck. Click on Alice. Click on the tent to start a hidden object hunt. Click on the piano to start a hidden object hunt. Take the plank. Match the eyes to the skulls. Click on the horse. This is the sequel to "Maestro: Music of Death". Click on the right wall to start a hidden object hunt. Take the glass.

Walk down and take the path on the left. Decent length game too Click on the noted spots in numerical order to play the tune Note the pulley area O. Rotate the rings so the symbols shown in each magnifier match. Open the lamp to take the bagel. Climb down. Dip the rag in the puddle to get the wet rag. You must return the instruments to the skeletons. Rotate between her hands and feet, making sure to click on her right and left hands and right and left feet. Click on the floor in front of the balcony door. Take the figure.

Take the ladybug and the paper. Open the chessboard to get the knight. Use the pencil on the paper. Go back into the room and go through the door on the left. Add the plate and take the lyre. Add the string to the broken piece and take the hook with string. Once you have found all the hidden objects, an Defense of Egypt is added to your inventory. Use the flask of acid Noyes the lock. Click on the area Maestor: the stage.

The fabulous music greatly added to my playing experience and enhanced the complex storyline. Use the rag to clean the photo. Click on the shelves in the middle of the room. Move the rails and take the doll. In my opinion, it was better! Chapter Five Talk to Eva. Move the blue cloth to get the note. Open the cabbage to find the snail V. Click on the vines blocking the path forward. At the same time it wasn't so self-solving that each item fitted somewhere right away or was totally obvious either. Solution: Take the note of the flower colours. Walk down. Return to the building behind the fountain.

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  1. There are many solutions for this puzzle. Refer to your journal for the sequences of roses O. Open the shell to find the token E.

  2. Knock the flask over to get the puddle. Add the two pieces of ribbon to secure the planks. Put the piece of mirror on the mirror to get the broken mirror. Take the plank.

  3. Open the shell to get the token. Use the sickle to cut the grass and take note of the numbers added to your journal. Add the torch to the fire to get the burning torch. If you let the ball sit for a couple of seconds, it could start to roll. Glass is added to your inventory.

  4. Walk down three scenes, then enter the building on the left, then go through the doorway on the far left. Stand the chair upright T. A ballerina is added to your inventory. Open the drawer to get the bread. Break the hourglass with the hammer to get the sand.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5 by gamesrgreatfun from One of the Better Games Out There I liked the first game of this series and was hoping this one would be as good. Move down two scenes and enter the building on the left. Walk forward and look at the gate for a mini-game.

  6. Talk to the guardian. Smash the maraca with the statuette and take the grain. Move down two scenes and enter the door on the right. Move down and go up the stairs.

  7. Take the BAG Q. Move the cloth to find the note M. Click inside each ring to rotate the ring.

  8. Open the bag and take the hairpin. Click through the dialogue. Open the basket to take the spring.

  9. Click on the organ. Recreate the movements you saw in the film. Leave the room and enter the room on the left.

  10. Move down and go down the stairs on the right. Walk down, then enter the room on the left. This game has it all.

  11. Click on the patch of grass. Click on the chairs. Dip the rag in the puddle to get the wet rag.

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