Kaptain Brawe - Episode I

Step into the world of interstellar travel, where Space Pirates lurk at every corner. Kaptain Brawe, a Space Police officer will embark on a journey filled with quests, conspiracies and general chaos, as he follows the lead of two kidnapped alien scientists. Step into Kaptain Brawe's beautiful hand-drawn world, and master this Adventure game to save the day!

Cherche homme Kaptain Brawe - Episode I

Kralek is ordered to find them. Use the hanky with sprayed tree bark. Go back and pass the bridge. She arrives and disintegrates Ksptain. To get in the warehouse, one must have a Kribb Elven Legend 6: The Treacherous Trick Collectors Edition bot. Use hammer with flint stone. Danny talks to Luna about entering the warehouse. Press the button of the DNA replicator and see that one of the purple crystal is defunct. The third paragraph Episodee that the code is his birthday. I hope someone Kaptaim can figure this one out. Get rid of Kralek Switch to Luna. Talk to Kralek and ask to see either the engine room or the router. Get a Kribb cargo bot: Go to the left of the computer and look at the notice on the wall. There's another slab on the floor in front of this computer.

Go back to the Danny clone inside the building. In hard mode you click on the object and then choose one. Check the elevator ahead. Enter and take the right hallway to the landing dock. Use the hammer to press the cork deeper. Give it a whirl and decide for yourself and I hope you can figure this game out, makes sense, and you enjoy it but definately not for me. Try the broken star stone on the slot now. Take the path to the bushes. Open the steel container. The guard wants to see Danny's ID. See the lower part of cane hammered through Larson's grave. Everything is set up, we can go! Enter the space ship.

Take titanium box and ion cube from the shelves at right. Use screwdriver with flint stone on the stone wall of the motel. Luna and Rowboat enter the cave. Tell Episoce about vital information. Click on Schminkell 7 at bottom left of the chart. Brawe says that he will not be digging out his grave. Read Forest Mahjong note in inventory - Diary Entry, May 23rd It can Kapfain a person violent or calm. Schminkell 7 Brawe, Luna, Rowboat and the alien scientists arrive at Schminkell 7. Place blue crystal on working area. It's a demo, not a game. Zumas Revenge the ladder Epiwode right. Everything is set up, we can go! In inventory, take the baked 5 leaf flower and click it on the gloved hand.

Try to go in and the guard wants an authorization paper. Go to the space ship at the landing site. Luna and Rowboat enter the cave. The game has a casual and a hardcore mode. They are obvious plus there is a button in the bottom right corner that shows you all the hot spots and navigation arrows. Place the ion cube on the working area. Enter the space ship. Items can be combined by clicking one item over another. The flight pattern has been calculated. It is screwed on. Use the construction tape and then the Kribbs logo on Rowboat. Kaptain Brawe can be downloaded from The Adventure Shop. It seems to be aimed at young children with its style and humour but they surely wouldn't get anywhere given the lack of direction, and I doubt they would have the patience for so much dialogue. Go to the engine room at right. However, it abruptly ended after 2 levels of play.

Use the window cleaner with the magnifying lens in inventory and see that it has alcohol. Read the plaque and see that Grubby Larson's grave stone is X2. Give the cup with medicine to the cloned pirate. Use the screwdriver with the black flint stone. Remember the calendar above the chest in the windmill. Schminkell 7 Brawe, Luna, Rowboat and the alien scientists arrive at Schminkell 7. For example, to examine something in inventory you can click on the item, then click on the magnifying glass OR you can click on the magnifying glass, then click on the item. Use X plosives with fuses with the wooden dam. Kralek gives the schematics. See the DNA replicator - cloning machine at the lower level. It's a demo, not a game. Check the wrecked ship and the open crate.

It fits. You may also have to revisit scenes multiple times as you gather more information, so you can complete the tasks in your journal. The owner's nickname must be Fuseman. See the warehouse with 2 guards. Go back and pass the bridge. Take the brochure in front of the clerk. Take a whole box of dry fuses. The scientists open the secret passage. I like games that you really have to put a lot of thought into. Talk to the guard at left. The screwdriver is too wide for the screws. Right mouse click opens the inventory. The diary beside the inventory bag shows the current task.


Kaptain Brawe Playthrough - Part 2

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  1. Luna and Rowboat enter the cave. Use the manual on the magnifying lens in inventory and see that it is in French. Casual game mode has extended hints and less monologue. See the DNA replicator - cloning machine at the lower level. Automatically change to Brawe.

  2. Pressing the question mark at bottom right of screen shows the active hotspots in the room as well as the exits. I tried the casual game and Still didn't know what to do I used the hint button and still didn't understand. Kralek is ordered to find them.

  3. Check the sheet by the door. Take the potato peeler from the shelf of the cupboard. The tunnel is now opened.

  4. Use the cork taken from the saucer's exhaust on the button hole at top front of the machine. Take the cane. The clone gives his ID card and leaves.

  5. Hardcore game mode is challenging and no hints. Learn that the orange circle on the wing at the swamp is the insignia of the Kribbs. He doesn't know the name of the previous owner. Danny meets his clone. Place an ion cube taken from the storage room in hatch at base of the ion generator.

  6. Brawe enters it on the machine. Learn that they cloned him from Danny's blood sample when he was drunk. See a slab in front of a button. He signs the paper to get signed authorization paper.

  7. Tell him about vital information. It is used for flight planning by Kralek. The old man is a veteran of the space war.

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