Edna & Harvey: The Puzzle

Edna & Harvey: The Puzzle offers a completely new puzzle-experience and will be a challenge to the players' skills as they try to combine the various pieces of 90 puzzle backgrounds from successful adventure games. The game offers three single player modes: in "Search & Find," the right piece from different piles has to be put in a predetermined place. Two other modes require puzzling via Drag & Drop.

NorvГ©gien Edna & Harvey: The Puzzle

In inventory, combine the stinkydrink and the straw to get Edna to drink it. Go back to the area behind the bars: There are 2 ways you can go back Mad Mouse the area behind Puzz,e bars or the patient area: - Go back down to the Great Adventures: Lost in Mountains laundry lift stop via the hallway right of the kitchen or right of Edna & Harvey: The Puzzle main stairs of the building. This is the one seen from the rooftop of the asylum tower. Edna would have liked to explore her past but is automatically brought back to the cell. Note the arrangement of the patients: Beeman, Prof. Try to pick up the spoon-shovel in the barrel. Find the original master key. Which is something I love in a 2D flash like a platform game. In inventory combine the pot from the kitchen and the medal to get medal in pot. Use the broken chair leg on the airy pad. Walk to laundry lift. Learn that his father is Geoffrey Francis von Babbitt Senior. Use steaming pot with mold in inventory to get steaming mold. This is a fantastic puzzle solver for those who enjoy creepy stuff with a bit of slapstick comedy. Room lights: The bar light should be on small Harveey: at second from left column.

Edna is saddened. See Aluman. Order a drink from the barkeeper. Ride the laundry lift system until the basement laundry. Use the encyclopedia from the office with the column to prop the handle. Talk to the brain. Learn that 2 ticket holder is the next one that can use the laundry lift. Aluman charges the battery. Turn on-click the guitar amp see red light on amp. Walk to end of hallway. Use the steaming mold with the sink with running water to get cooled mold. It is locked. Leave it open. Win 3 in a row and you will get zapped. Go to the garage.

Frock inside the washing machine. Talk to Bladder. Immediately use the pinking scissors to cut the cable hanging underneath the panel. Learn about the death of Alfred, Dr. Edna will jump off the laundry lift. Open the cabinet. Pick up the spoon-shovel from the barrel. Left click is to do the action and right click Yuletide Legends: The Brothers Claus the default action "look at". He could not hold it anymore.

Look for spoon: Climb up and then exit the furnace room. Go to the furnace room at the basement. Look at the pot at left and the potholder on the wall to take them. Go left to hallway and enter the office at left. Walk to down stairs. Back at the altar room; see that Harvey 2 ability forging signature is now in inventory. Play with him twice and lose twice. The animation is reminiscent of the old flash games but incredibly smooth. Be in a coffee room. Use coat hanger 2 on ticket inspector. He was about to tell what happened to Mattis and why he has become a legend. Place all active spots on the bottom frames: playground, merry go round, circus, ice cream stand, Ferris wheel, sun and pond.

Babbitt, the mini-golfer guard: Enter Dr. Enter the TV room at right. Go back to the street. See a letter in Hornbush's coat pocket. We have to get to the other side. The chef is busy and ignores Edna. Go down the corridor. Go right down the street. Use the polo mallet on Hulgor. Right click or pick up a screw. Take the rake and drop it on Edna. Enter the double doors left of the message board at back left of the stairs and be at the kitchen. I recently got a steam controller for my steam games and man is this controller nice!

Not bad at all for a cult classic and a remake that for that matter! The new art is nice, very clean and detailed. Use the bean dip on Peter. Right click to look at the padded wall, the table and the locked door. He gives back the cup filled with earwax. See a hole in the ground surrounded by broken spoons. Use potholder on mold to take it out of the fire. Climb the ladder and go down to the furnace room at left. He would not give a drink until the other customer is taken care of. See Mattis, Edna's father and Alfred, the doctor's son eating ice cream. Talk to Professor Nock. Learn about the ventilation shaft and AC behind the padding. Right click and then place Article 2 in inventory. See a ventilator.

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  1. Get a police badge as a surprise. Use a coat hanger on window. Edna breaks the chair leg to get broken chair leg. He was about to tell what happened to Mattis and why he has become a legend.

  2. Use the bubble gum dispenser and Edna chews a gum. Distract Bladder the guard: Climb out of cellar and then basement to the main floor of the building. Ask for x x x or whatever you forged. TV Room: Go through the double doors at right.

  3. Find the main exit. Enter the kitchen. Be in Mr. See something pouring from the bridge above to the river.

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