Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty

You've tracked down the latest Dark Dimension to Red Lake Falls, where a haunting beauty queen begs you to save the town but from whom? Is it her brother, last seen busting through a shop window in a jealous rage? Or his stalker girlfriend? The real villain in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game just might shock you unless youre turned into wax first!

Use the saw on the wood to get the board X. Use the black paint on the mask to make the black mask N. Use the knife on the apple and take the apple peel. Open the case and take the mouthpiece. Click on the barbed wire. Use the garden gloves on the ivy and take the cup. Take the elevator up to the apartment U. Click on the bell above the door. The inventory panel auto-hides; move your mouse down to reveal the panel. Enter the projection booth. Read the instructions on matching letters on the cards K. Click on the orchestra pit. Pour the acid on the chain, then add the wax crystal to the fire. Storylines are never that important to me, but this one worked fine. Click on the radio.

Items listed in yellow need further actions to uncover them. Use the lighter to melt the film. Move down, then move forward and take the path to the left. Put the train car on the track with the other train car and take the train. The end! Rearrange the numbered tiles so they appear in order, according to a clock. Walk down twice to exit the cinema. Click on the door on the right. Once you have found all the items, a sandbag is added to your inventory. Take the page adds to journal. Read the note, then turn the handle. Move the sheet aside and look at the figure G. Click on the lantern.

Turn the handle to open the door, then select the closet for a HOS. Add the net to the handle and take the butterfly net. Add the three red tiles and the seven blue tiles you must do this individually. Locate all the items on the list. Open the drawer. Choose your difficulty setting. Use the pump handle to turn on the water U. Note the date on the chalkboard and read the receipt W. Select a tile to see possible moves highlighted, then select the space to move the tile. Rotate the wheel below the levers L so the teeth in the gear by lever 1 will match when it moves to the right again. Click on the gazebo to start a hidden object hunt. Solution: Watch the cutscene. Walk left to the lookout area. Walk to the back room. Go up to the floating wax museum.

Discussion Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty les hommes pas

If you do not get a light and the lever will not move, select the emergency restart button for that lever and repeat the process N. Watch the cutscene, then move forward. Place the lampshade on the lamp for the stand lamp I. Only tiles with a screw on them cannot be rotated however you can click on those tiles and Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty surrounding tiles will move. Return to the greenhouse. Click on the hole in the wall. Take the puzzle piece and the rib. Once you have found all the items, a carrot is added to your inventory. You will move from location to location solving hidden object hunts, mini-puzzles and picking up items to use in order to proceed in the game. Click on the wax dog. Put the fabric on the kite frame and take the kite. Once a bulb is lit, you cannot cross its wires. Also a lot of fun to find inventory items that are randomly Virtual Families 2 throughout the game.

Move the blue tiles to the outer ring with the blue arrows , the red tiles to the middle ring and the green tiles to the inner ring. Easy to follow and become involved. Click on the piano. Take the water and the gloves. Cut the roots with the saw and take the hydrant valve. Click on the skull. Continue until only blue tiles are in the outer ring. Click on the safe. Take the page adds to journal. Put the pins on the doll and take the voodoo. Add the chest head, then click on the chest and take the scalpel. Take the scroll from the doll adds to journal. Place the eye patch on the skull for the pirate skull C.

Put the heart on the bear and take the bear with Loves Power Mahjong. Put the mirror on the handle and take the mirror glass. Take the elevator down and enter the newspaper office. Select the Dimdnsions: sign for a mini-game E. Place the TILE in the empty square to trigger the mini-game. Return to the back room. Take the gear from the sewer.


Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty (Part 2): The Theater and the Undertaker

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  1. Use the pencil on the 10 to make M. Move down, then move forward, then go right through the hole in the wall. Use the key on the book to find the dragon N.

  2. Click on the fountain far left to start a hidden object hunt. Click on the ticket booth. When the saw is finished, take the firewood. Return to the elevator and take the elevator up, then move forward.

  3. Click on the bell above the door. Click on the gazebo to start a hidden object hunt. Add the bracelet, then turn the doorknob. Click on the casket on the right.

  4. Click on the lamppost base and add the record to the gramophone. Open the case and take the mouthpiece. Use the knife on the pod to find the pea D. Open the door Q. Rearrange the numbered tiles so they appear in order, according to a clock.

  5. This game took a couple of weeks to finish. Move down, then move forward. Place the symbol onto the top of the box C , then open it to find the unicorn D. Pour the kettle into the cup for the tea C. Click on the throne.

  6. Read the note and take the wrench. Isn't that what it's all about? Rearrange the parts so all the green pieces are in the top left, the red pieces are in the top right, the blue pieces at the bottom right and the purple pieces at the bottom right. Put the mushrooms in the salad and take the mushroom salad.

  7. Use the blank sheet on the candle for the ink made visible F. Click on the guitar. Click on the stairs. Click on a disc piece and then click on another piece to swap their positions. Use the knife on the apple to get the apple peel K.

  8. Click on the lower pictures on the wall. And they are really fun! Select a ball the select the position you want to move it to. Inventory objects will be written in bold.

  9. Click on the door. Use the lighter on the bomb and take the ashes. I tend to skip puzzles unless they're obvious. Enter the newspaper office.

  10. Immersive atmosphere, ambiance very well done, neat in the details. Put the windmill blades on the windmill and take the mill. Hover your mouse over a card to find one with the same denomination and designator configuration M. Select the vanity for a HOS. Use the spoon to take the glass eye.

  11. Click on the look-out. Place the wings on the body to complete the plane J. Click on the wardrobe door. This mini-game is randomly generated; see the final solution here P.

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