Nightmare Adventures: The Witchs Prison

Help Kiera Vale discover her ancestor’s history as she explores Blackwater Asylum in Nightmare Adventures: The Witch’s Prison! After receiving a mysterious letter from Alton Quinn, Kiera sets off to find out about her birth parents. Finding Blackwater Asylum to be in a state of disarray, Kiera begins exploring the grounds looking for information about her family, and Alton’s mysterious secret. Help her discover the truth in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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It has a pretty high level of challenge so it might not be some gamers thing. Look at the mini-game on the left wall. Walk right, into the control room. This game has no traditional HOS scenes, which I actually loved. Take the keycard from Mr. This is a thrilling adventure play where you can feel the spooky creep and yet get a laugh once in a while! Place the tiles in the correct positions in Halloween Stories: Mahjong mini-game. Look at the cage mini-game. Look at the photo for a clue on the code D. Look at the left painting so your camera can take a photo iNghtmare B. It's kind of sweet, I appreciate this so much. Push the button in Fort Defenders: Seven Seas center. Go back to the graveyard on the Adventjres:. Pick up the bottle of Prisn.

Didn't want it to end!!! Look at your photos for a clue O. If you get stuck, back away from the fusebox, then click on it again to reset it. Go inside and walk to the left room. Exit to the hall and enter the right room. Press the center button to ring the bell Y. Click on the door to bring up a lock mechanism puzzle. Pour the gelatin goo into the mold. When the puzzle is solved, the box opens to reveal a casting mold of a hand. Your camera will take a photo clue of the rhyme Y. Select the mini-game. The witch will send you a message, which shatters the monitor. Note the mini-game on the left wall I. Exit the mausoleum.

I prefer access to clues and maps that jump me, just in case I freeze or zone. Open the locker door and take the FreeCell Wonderland pipe inside. The clue in your Photos tells you to catch two flames which means two fireflies or lightning bugs. Pick up a wrench and a short pipe. Go left, up the steps, and right to the mausoleum. Enter the laboratory. My first love in the 90's was Myst and once the mid 's hit, those games kinda took a backseat to other interests. Pick up the wooden coin from the water Salawander. Chapter 2: Graveyard Read the inscriptions on the 3 gravestones. When the door opens, enter the chapel. Look at the mini-game on the desk. I just found this game and I am looking forward to play the rest of the nightmare Ngihtmare

Slide the cards around so that the Ace, King, Three, and Five are next to an eye and the center is open. Light the burner with the match you found. Your camera will take a photo of the graffiti M. It's kind of sweet, I appreciate this so much. They contain clues to puzzles around the graveyard. I loved all the searches in this game, even when I occasionally had no clue where to look and neither did the game. I don't think there were any voiceovers I can't complain, there. Place the gelatin hand on the slot. Look at the photos on the stool and the memo on the floor K. Look at the two paintings so the camera can take photo clues N. Exit to the hall and look at the left door. Look at the close-up of the Bunsen burner M. Zoom in on the basement door. I loved this game!

The object of this mini-game is to move the runes along the lines of the star using the outer buttons until they match. Look at the mini-game on the shelf M. Move the books to form a phrase. Go through the doorway on the right into the control room. Climb down the ladder into the basement. Look at the design on the fountain for a mini-game C. Enter the asylum. Exit to the hall and walk left to the cell. Press the green button to power up the generator. Exit the mausoleum and go back down the steps. Recreate those symbols on the puzzle. When all the holes are covered, turn on the fuel valve on the right side of the pipes. The green poisonous gas should be gone, since the ventilation was turned on G.


Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison HD

Take the eye-dropper with the DNA sample and apply it on the tester. Walk right, into the control room. There are two clues to get you started: a red splotch over one column I , and a symbol next to one row J. Go right to the entrance hall. Place the Erlenmeyer flask on top of the burner. Click the center six times. Walk down to exit the bunker and look at the generator. Take the eyeball from the slot that opens up. Click on two tiles to swap positions. Select Laboratory and beside Ventilation, click the On button. Take the ribbon from above the inscription. Pick up the bottle of poison. The plaque from the other statue tells you how to read the clue-count G. So I would have to go into the walkthrough just to find out what I was supposed to be doing. There are clues to the row or column totals should be around the outside of the grid Z.

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  1. Zoom into the wooden frame on the mantelpiece. Look at the right blue curtain and push the button beneath to reveal a painting F. Take the match peeking out from the right side of the note. Note the mini-game on the left table I.

  2. The hand hid another mini-game. The object of this mini-game is to reform the hand by rotating the rings. Zoom in on the fallen bird house and gather up the worm.

  3. Form a phrase in this mini-game. Remembers me of playing "Myst" or "Black Mirror". Then click Enter. Take the rubber hose from your inventory and attach it to the hole below the flammable sign. Your camera will take a photo of the solved puzzle.

  4. Enter the bunker. Your camera will take a photo of the symbol Y. Walk up, to the front of the asylum. There is a lovely compromise here, kind of a bridge. Exit to the hall and enter the right room.

  5. Green o 7. To find the exact starting point, backtrack from the center by pinpointing which button leads where. Click on a ring to rotate it; some rings will affect other rings.

  6. Press the buttons in numerical order S. Zoom into it and take the sun disc from inside. Look at the photo clue B.

  7. You need to make four sets. Starting at the top and going clockwise, number the buttons Press the panel latch below the letters. Pull the lever on the right to check if you are correct H. Click to open the suitcase.

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