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[Note: If you own the original Syberia, this is the same adventure.] Continue the journey in Syberia: Part 2. Kate Walker is in search of the last remaining heir of a manufacturing estate, Hans Voralberg, who has mysteriously disappeared into the wilds of Syberia! Kate is unsure whether to continue her journey which has taken her so far away from home, but the experience is bringing out an adventurous spirit within her that she never realized she had. Follow the trail to Barrockstadt and get closer to solving the mystery.

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Run west one screen and then north-west. Take the blood testing apparatus Syberia - Part 2 hand it to the colonel. All non-document items are added to this section of the inventory when Kate picks them up. Parrt south twice to see Igor and Ivan on the snowmobile with Hans. Exit the room. Kate will change into the winter clothes. Try to get Dolphin Dice Slots hook in front of the train. Hans is standing near the mechanical horses when he mentions Syberia and mammoths and then suddenly falls to the floor. When Ivan turns to look at the train, examine the sled at the Katy and Bob: Safari Cafe Collectors Edition corner of the area. The director is fascinated with Helena Romanski and is preparing for her to return one day. Examine the box. Walk south one screen and examine the three candy machines on the table. Run east and then north to enter the Voralberg house.

Pull the lever above the barrel to knock Ivan over the side of the ark. Kate hears a rumbling noise and returns to the top level to see the train leaving. It is used on the lemming hole in the cave. Great voice overs some dodgy accents. I very highly recommend this game. Walk down the slope and look at the eye of the mammoth. It is a very long game with many places to visit to locate what you need to complete tasks. You must rely on your common sense. All non-document items are added to this section of the inventory when Kate picks them up. Rodolphe Voralberg will put down his newspaper and leave the house. Run north and then south down the icy slope. Keep walking along the metal ramp and then climb the stairs on the left hand side. Talk to the Youkols about Oscar and then talk about Help: They attach the cable to the train. The world of Syberia is fictional, but so well rendered that you find it highly credible. Nowadays, once one gets stuck for a few minutes, off to the walkthru or strategy guide it is and a game hardly lasts longer than a weekend.

Return to the coal dispenser. Talk about the Monastery: The Venice Deluxe will not treat Hans unless Kate follows all of the rules. It is used on the door at the top of the Mad Mouse in the Prat. Press the small switch H at the left side of the panel and then use the small wheel I at the left side of the panel to reveal the ark. Run west and south to the broken bridge. Return to the chapel.

Use the small key on the drawer of the right candy machine to get the coins from the drawer. Run south twice, west three times, south and west to see a girl by the bench. I loved the original part 1 and 2. Use the rod on the dark area at the right side of the river to catch an orange salmon. Return to the lower level. It is given to the shaman. Both inventions were created by Hans. Exit the pub and walk north to the alley. Run west to the other side of the house. I am a casual game player so it took me days to finish and a bit of of strategy guide consulting. Left click to select one and it will then be shown at the bottom-left corner of the playing area, which means that Kate can now use this object. Run west and south. Examine the wall.


Syberia 3 Walkthrough part 2

Use the hatchet to start climbing up the cliff. Use the cork bung on the hole at the left side of the lemming. Although it is a difficult game, best suited to adventurers and seasoned players, which requires patience and method, I will not hesitate to highly recommend it to all, even to beginners because there is no other game like Syberia 1 and 2 and because it is a true 5 Star game It is a very long game with many places to visit to locate what you need to complete tasks. I was so excited thinking it was an addition to the original. Get the ivory knife and use it on the sled rope. Click on the blood testing apparatus again and Kate will use a sample of her own blood. I don't remember it being what I typically call HOG. Walk to the other end of the graveyard and look at the gravestone with the brambles on it. Walk south one screen. It is used on the slot of the machine near the monastery. Walk east through the doorway. Walk to the left side of the area to see Youki.

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  1. Exit the room. Look at the bird carving and use the gauze blanket on the slot to stop the noise. Run north and then south down the icy slope. It is used in the cave to call the bird.

  2. Climb the ladder to talk to the director again and Dan will give you another call. Once up the stairs their are two paths you can take. Use the box of matches on the Youkol relic and Hans will recover from his illness. Exit the room. Use the right switch nine times and the left switch once and then use the pendulum to start it swinging.

  3. Continue west from the hole to see the monastery. Ask for Help: He wants an imprint. Looks like they have divided the game in 2 parts so it won't be as large. Talk about the Flying Wing: The plane has to be put into manual control mode. Select the coins and use the fifth coin on the slot of the left candy machine.

  4. In fact the whole game is a gigantic puzzle which rests on a huge amount of exploration and constantly putting 2 and 2 together. Use the fishing rod at the side of the platform. Open the inventory and select the phone. Run south to the other side of the cave. All non-document items are added to this section of the inventory when Kate picks them up.

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