Treasure Seekers: The Time Has Come

The time has come for Nelly and Tom to stop a potential catastrophe and save the world in Treasure Seekers: The Time has Come! With new powerful devices, such as the Ring of Time and the X-Glass, Nelly and Tom must go on their most exciting adventure yet! Is Totenkraft really as evil as they previously thought? Find out in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!


Treasure Seekers: The Time Has Come

Return to the Graveyard at night. Lots of fun! Examine the idol on the left. Take the MASK and place it in the key object. Place the Shards a, b, c, d and e according to the screenshot. The image will flash when you have the right object - Go back down to the excavation site. Examine the hole in the ground in the Dungeon to activate a search scene. Click on the Totem 1 and find 5 of 6 items. HOS were well detailed but everything was a fair size to be seen and the "put it together" sequences were fun as well. The time travel was confusing, and I had to go to the walkthrough several times to figure out what I was missing, particularly when all the hint button would tell me was that I needed to be in another time period. Go to the Square in the future. Click on that area to zoom in. This game was perfect for me. Puzzle Box Cursor - When you need to play a puzzle, the cursor will turn into a puzzle box. Music was non-descript, but visuals were good.

Musulman tiilt Treasure Seekers: The Time Has Come

Grab the JAR N in the lower left. Click on the Flask 1find all the items, click on it again and then return to the Street 2. Played it all day, from morning till night. Although the premise is the same as the earlier games searching for the Holy Grailit is a very good and enjoyable game. Examine the base of the statue B. I do prefer some of the Hass games, but am looking forward to the next treasure seekers. Dolphin Dice Slots have no issues with recommending this title for casual game play by gamers aged 8 and above. Teslas Tower: The Wardenclyffe Mystery the Hamster and the Jar blue and then return to the left. Date published: Rated 3 out of 5 by Laflamme from Get your Treasute sister back Head right toward the Pyramid. Click on the Totem 1 and find 5 of 6 items. If you liked any of them, you will like this one as they are very similar in style. Rated 5 out of 5 by imswak from Seaker Lots of fun!

Blue Items - In the hidden object areas, certain items will be listed in blue. Click on the gate on the right note the symbols engraved at the bottom; you need the sequence to solve the next puzzle A. Talk to Nelly. The second element behind the loss of a full point is the occurrence of several instances in which the flow of the story appears to be intentionally disregarded, and the player is required to perform actions that have nothing to do with the goals that they are pursuing, leaving the unfortunate thought floating through the mind that there may have been a subplot in the story that was removed from the game before it was published, but that was imperfectly edited out so that some of the elements from it still remain — unfortunate because they leave the player wondering what exactly just happened here? And while the accomplishments that are obtained in each level are not the to-be-expected serving of instant gratification usually hoisted off on gamers in this genre as the indication of progress, they nonetheless strike an encouraging balance that works so well you do not want to stop playing the game — even when you do play it in bite-sized chunks. Click on the Plank 3 , use the Pincers to remove the 4 Nails and collect the final item 4. Pick up the coin and use it on the screws on the speaker. Click down to enter the Square. Violence is hinted at — one of the protagonists is kidnapped by the antagonist — but that is as far as it goes in actual game play, and there are no language issues or substance issues to worry with. Examine the door in the back of the scene. Music was appropriate to the scenes. Consequently you are not playing her until the bonus content. I got stuck once even with the hint function until I found a HO scene.

Give the BOX to Nelly to create a force field. I think this Cime one DD that is sooooooooooo worth the price and then some! Chapter 4: Yucatan, Mexico Head left toward the Yard. To Thf an object click on it and bring it to the area you want to use Terasure on. The HOOK will be added to inventory. Click on the Flask 1find all the items, click on it again and then return to the Street 2. Click on the ring to return to Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire future; return to the Yard. Use the Machete on the Rope 1click on the Pavilion 2find all the items in the list — Inventory Item: Gear 3 — located in the Cabinet on the left — and then return to the Future. Return to the Square. Open and close the drawers to find all available items. Slide the doors on the shelves to view all available items.

When playing, pay close attention to where the little arrow is, that makes using objects easy. Click on Nelly 1 , enter the Sanctuary 2 and return to the Past. Talk to the Monk to trigger a new task. It's by the fireplace. Return to the Future and then return to the Central Hall click back. Click on Totenkraft 1 , enter the Laboratory 2 , continue to the Street click forward , use the Weather Vane on the Kiosk 3 , collect the Magnet 4 and then return to the Central Hall click back twice. Although the premise is the same as the earlier games searching for the Holy Grail , it is a very good and enjoyable game. Go to the Graveyard. Tom believes that Totenkraft has kidnapped his sister and travels in time to save his sister and the world. Blue Items - In the hidden object areas, certain items will be listed in blue. Return to daylight. Slide the doors on the shelves to view all available items.

It's by the fireplace. You need to find the mechanism to open it. Click on one click on the top part , then another, in order to switch their places. The Bad: - confusing story - like I said above, time travel can become confusing usually tasks tell you which time period to go to - as opposed to earlier games there is now a twirly cursor after too many wrong clicks Bonus Content: good length compared to the game - help the siblings and Totenkraft escape a parallel dimension; you are playing with all three characters. Place the LAMP over the 3 candles to light up the room and trigger a search scene. Nice ratio of HOS and puzzles. Click on the Lamp 1 , find 4 of the 5 items, click on the Toolbox 2 , collect the last item 3 , collect the Lamp and return to the Square 4. Go forward to the Graveyard. Chapter 3: Scotland - Once you get to Scotland, speak to the monk in front of you. Keep in mind the shape of the shield as well as the symbol needs to match. Click on any 2 tiles to switch their positions X. For me, it was challenging and a lot of fun. Go to the past.

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  1. This means you have to take an extra step in order to collect them. Collect the Marble Globe 8 and then return to the Square click back. This game is full of action - "after all you must save the world". Instead what I found was a third option that I had never even considered — challenging and hard but also simple and fast!

  2. Find the objects shown in the picture, click on them, and then bring them over to the picture. Return to the Dungeon click right , use the Lamp 1 on the 3 Candles blue — click on each one , click on the Shelves 2 and find all the items in the list — Inventory Item: Flask 3 — located at the lower left, inside the crate. Return to the Pyramid click back , click on Nelly, return to the Well click back, down and right , click on the Box 1 and find 7 of 8 items. Note that the Gold Dust locations are the same, each time you play. Click on the Bucket 3 and collect the fourth item 4.

  3. Return to the Square 3 , continue to the Graveyard click forward and then click on the Crypt 4. Head right toward the Pyramid. That is the mark of a good game and great game play, and Time Seekers 4 has that in spades. Go to the past and go to the Square.

  4. Click on the Monk 3 and return to the Dungeon click left. Move the rings until the lines are connected between the skulls and the central hub. Use the Hook on the Well 5 and then enter the Well 6. Use the Armor in the Forge 1 , click on the Bellows 2 and find 6 of 7 items.

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