Fabulous: Angelas Fashion Fever Collectors Edition

Go behind the fashion scenes to help the industry's hottest up-and-coming designer in Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever! Your time-management skills will be put to the test as you compete in the ultimate fashion contest. Help Angela design the perfect dress and win the chance to take over for legendary fashion mogul Truly! Angela has the skills, the instincts, and the passion to make it big... but can she handle the sudden fame? With your help, anything is possible!

I would give it a 10 if I could. The story line was boring. Click on the box to have Angela move it to the next location before taking a break. Hair clips will become more popular, and purchasing these upgrades will allow a second of each flower to grow. Can't wait for the next! Click on the cyan glasses in the lower left corner, followed by the pink glitter dish next to them in order to assemble a pair of fashion-ready sunglasses for the models. Thank you for making such a great, fun game! Do this three times before the end of the day to complete the event! And that was on expert level. This game, as expected, is like the Delicious series with our beloved Emily, but I do miss her in this game. Click on it before all the green color drains in order to walk over and eavesdrop on the conversation. Click on the box in the upper right corner next to Magic Max to have Angela move it to the next location before taking a break. Pay close attention to gift boxes customers order to make sure you assemble them correctly! The moment the day starts, immediately click on the dress to start working on it.

If you have played Emily's games before, you know what to expect. The storyline was engaging. Mouse location: Behind the top of the set light on the upper left Go about your day as per normal, keeping in mind that you have two new products for the models: a top and skirt to match. I'm thrilled to see another installment in the saga of Emily's family, and it's rather fun to have it going with Angela this time around. Use the first moments of your day to add an extra dress of each design to the rack before the first model orders. I love that their universe of characters keeps expanding! The clutch purse can be found next to the shoes, to the left of the coffee machine. The graphics are a bit of a step up from the most recent Delicious game: basically, a bit more colorful, a bit more animated, just a bit more in general. Mouse location: In the upper right corner of the archway in the upper right corner of the screen Your third dress design will become available today! Magic Max has been purchased for that day, it will remain permanently for that day whenever you play. Truly is coming! The only thing I didn't like was that Emily didn't make an appearance or even get a mention.


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Gratuit Fabulous: Angelas Fashion Fever Collectors Edition canada cherche homme

Models are likely to order a lot of coffee products today, so stay on top of making sure Cathys Caribbean Club have the extra products on your tray in order to keep them from waiting. The Sorted Box will also show up as a new item today. Keep Lori away successfully to complete Collector event and receive a bonus at the end of the day. Mouse location: Behind the right side of Fabulous: Angelas Fashion Fever Collectors Edition drawers to the right of the makeover station Selfies? You will need to do this six times throughout the day to successfully complete your objective. Move Editio box three times to its final location to receive a special bonus! Anyelas the Snake, has been busted! Some may find Favulous: frustrating, however. It was totally worth the wait. Now you will need to keep an eye out for both colors of parrots flying onto set and collect the feathers when they drop. The selection bubble will remain visible until you click on something else. I love the graphic, the story behind it, and the realness to it. A new dress design will become available today as well. Once this bubble pops up, click on the corresponding umbrella color the customer is requesting.

Upgrades with a pink price tag are only good for one level and will have to be repurchased each time. Do this four times throughout the day to complete the objective and receive a score bonus. It had enough in it to keep me interested and the level of play was perfect. I hope those hints sorry, tips aren't going to be an ongoing inclusion, and Angela gets to travel to far flung places where she has to sew by hand with what is available jungles? The sunset sands reveal a whole new runway to work with. Angela will then shoo them off set. Angela is great and the storylines that intersperse between the levels are actually enticing enough to stick with rather than skipping although that is an option. Leave the models alone! Models do not need to be in the same line in order to be included in the checkout process: you only need to make sure there are five or more ready to go. Upgrades without pink tags will apply per the entire chapter. These new items will show up on the leftmost counter. It positively glows and the promise of passion has never been so appealing! Necklaces will also be added as a new jewelry item today. Tip: Today also marks the day you now have six slots on your item tray to work with, meaning you can carry a maximum of six items at once. Complete this five times before the end of the day to receive a special bonus!

Quickly locate the tool displayed and click to collect it, then click on the mannequin to work on your dress. Select the perfume he asks Esition, then click on Magic Max Little Witchella: Pumpkin Peril the green color drains from his speech bubble to hand him the perfume. The Hairdressing Table will also see its final addition today: scissors. I have played every game in this series. Click on them to clean them so that the next customer can use them! However, the actual game sucks. The storyline is really, really good; it has interesting and sometimes funny plot turns - it's like a soap opera in video game format.

I absolutely love this game and the new doctor games just like it. Click on the machine when a customer orders coffee to brew it. Each time you click the dress design, Angela will be busy with sewing the dress until the meter above her head is completely filled. It was really fun and worthy of being an "Emily" game. No preparation time is necessary, and stock is infinite. Objective: The annoying host, Bob, has a few questions for Angela to answer. Consider this the tutorial level. Work on familiarizing yourself with the new set today. Keep in mind hiring Bob can be a huge help today! Mouse location: Underneath the center of the makeover station Truly will walk on set today to have a look at your dresses. If you have the funds, this is an excellent day to invest in upgrades and practice on linking together combos. Really disappointed.

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  1. They will appear on the lower right next to the shoes, and require no additional assembly. Click on the bobby pin on the lower right, followed by the flower, to assemble a hair clip. Click on the cash register to have Bob checkout a customer. Do this before the green color drains from the bubble, and do this successfully three times before the end of the day to complete your objective.

  2. Click on the counter to clean it. Some items require multiple steps to combine the product, and eventually some products are located inside of display cases. Your goal by the end of the day is to have the highest score possible.

  3. Keep em coming I am a huge fan and will always play these, the story line in all these Delicious games is amazing even from the first one!!!! Keep an eye on the stock and make sure it never drops below 1. Submit Thank you for writing a review! Do this before the green color drains from the bubble, and do this successfully three times before the end of the day to complete your objective.

  4. The moment the day starts, immediately click on the dress to start working on it. Once the coffee meter has landed in the green zone, click on the machine to collect the coffee and have Angela drink it. It was very fun to play as Angela.

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