Sic bo Casino Game – A Fun and Easy Table Game

For most Australians, the biggest advantage of playing casino games online is being able to sample any number of casino games for free. This means players can try out interesting new games without worrying about losing money in the process. As a result, a growing number of foreign games have become increasingly popular online. This is especially true for the game of Sic bo. Also known as also known as ”tai sai”, this casino card game is extremely popular in Asia but can be found in the majority of casinos around the world. It is a game that is very easy to learn and to play because the object of the game is simply to predict which numbers will appear on the faces of dice after they have been shaken.

The Basics of Sic bo Casino Game

One of the main advantages of playing Sic bo online is that it is a game that is very easy to learn.  The entire game is played and determined by a single roll of a set of three dice. This means that players can start playing for real money after just a few rounds. While it might seem similar to casino craps, it is much easier to understand and to play. There are two parts to a Sic bo game. Firstly, there is the table where bets are placed and secondly, there are the three dice that are shaken to reveal the game outcome. Bets can be placed on a particular number or on a variety of combinations. For example, a bet may be placed on a total sum of the numbers produced by the dice roll e.g. 12. It is also possible to place a bet on a range of numbers e.g. 3, 5 and 4.

Sic Bo Casinos Online in Australia

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Betting in Sic bo Casino

In Sic Bo, many types of bets are possible. Players should take into consideration that more than one bet may be placed on the same game.  Betting on the total of the three dice can be done in two ways. For new players, possibly the best way to start is by predicting whether the total will be Small (4 -10) or Big (11 -17). A correct wager will pay 1-to-1. The player can also lose the game if the dice combination is a triple, either e.g. 333 or 555. A more difficult bet is selecting the specific total that will come up, 4 through 17. The pay-outs for winners will vary, depending on the number chosen. It is possible to bet on a single number, 1 through 6, or on two numbers, such as 1-3, 2-3, 3-5, etc. Wagers can be made on specified “doubles” or “pairs” appearing, on exact triples, or on any double or any triple.

Sic bo Casino Games’Strategies

Sic bo casino game is based on chance. Unfortunately there are no winning strategies for the game as the roll of the dice can produce any number combination. A good starting strategy for beginners is to use the big or small bets to get used to the game. Once players feel more confident about the game they can progress to more complicated bets that pay out higher amounts. The more complicated bets have a much higher payout but also have a much lower chance of winning. Players should always bet what they are winning to lose. If you are interested in Sic bo and want to play online, you can find the best Australian online casinos right here. To get you started we have rated and listed all of Australia’s top online casinos for your convenience.

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